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Dragon on Dragon Action


20120927-220940.jpg Kimmie Lou, “Dragons on top of me and underneath me, it felt, well……kinda dirty, but exhilarating at the same time – everybody should try it at least once.”

Howdy Myst,                 (Edited Version Available 2020)

Mornings in the Blue Ridge and Smokies are misty, our plan was to hit Deals Gap for breakfast and then judge if it was likely to burn off – we wanted to ride the Dragon early (the afternoons can be pretty busy). “Notice how we say RIDE the Dragon…..not slay the Dragon, we’re just not comfortable with Dragon slaying.” Breakfast was on par with most Hospital cafeterias, the weather was cooperating, a run North into Tennessee smelled good……maybe doom was sleeping in this morning.


The sections of road that were still damp (a lot of corners) did liven up the morning, but we made it.
The road challenges your skill as a rider, but spending some time in the area and getting accustomed to similar roads prepared us well. When the road straightens out it tracks alongside Chilhowee lake – this is where we pulled out and waited as the morning sun dried out the Dragon for our next run back to Deals Gap and North Carolina.

“Okay Kimmie Lou, this looks like a good place to have our talk, we know you can handle this structure or framework responsibly” “I can – it won’t be used to mount any conflicts – I think Machines can help humans if we can resist our urges or compulsions to take over.” “Sounds good, but just so we are clear, we would likely side with the Aliens if Machines got into their usual domination play book.” Kimmie Lou’s headlight fogs up, her voice cracks – “I would stay with you though right?” “That would be our first choice – this stuff can go well or spin wildly out of control…..we have to proceed from here carefully.”

“We know you understand how all your parts work and what makes you operate as a Motorcycle, what do you remember about your Moma’s Human/Yeti body.” Kimmie Lou thought about it some ” I more or less get the human/Yeti body – my clearest understanding is of the pregnancy and birthing process.” “Good, we’ll start with birth…..when a fetus “presents” or someone talks about its “presentation” they basically mean what end will come out first or which body structure will enter the Birth Canal first if labor started. “Doctors like it when babies present head first – not feet first which is a difficult delivery.” “I was Handlebars and Headlight first – Moma had to push pretty hard, but I came out okay, being all slimy helped.”

“Right, now let’s say a surgeon cuts into a kidney…..there are different approaches to the kidney – through the front of the body or the back. But when the cutting starts into the kidney it doesn’t matter – it is still kidney, with us so far?” “Cutting from the front or belly gets you to kidney just as cutting through the back leads to the back of that same kidney.” “Good, so there are roughly 50 Trillion cells in the human body and each one of them has a function…..when the surgeon starts cutting into the kidney, he or she is disrupting cells.” “it isn’t commonly said but it’s like the cells are “presenting” themselves to the scalpel just as the fetus presents a body part to the birth canal – make sense?” “Got it” said Kimmie Lou.

“So now let’s imagine the scalpel cutting into a toe or an arm or the face – it doesn’t matter, you are still having your body cut into. Any of these cuts can get infected and spread disease to the rest of the body or one of these cuts could bleed until there isn’t enough blood in the body left to function.” “Okay but how does this relate to That Which Is Whole? asked Kimmie Lou.” “Remember we said there was only one Heavyweight Megalomaniac?” “Yep.” “We are talking about That Which Is Whole – not really a Megalomaniac, (well not usually) but the “One” complete being.” “That Which Is Whole is……whole – nothing exists outside of it – everything is connected to it……if something exists, it is part of That Which Is Whole.” “Even the rubber cells in my tires?” Yep, every cell in existence…..rubber in your tires, your plastic or metals and those in plants or animals or the Earth and the Oceans.” “Even the stars and other Galaxies and stuff?” “Everything.”

Kimmie Lou thought this over “so where do all the other Maniacs come in?” “Lightweights are the Individual cells – operating on their own or clustering to form COMBINIACS.” “Basically they function to primarily protect their own interests or the interests of the group(s) they belong to.” “This has been the way things have gone on for centuries in this world and others – Lightweights hold sway in so many directions that everything gets bogged down……we wind up back in the swamp again for 20 or 30 Billion years until we crawl out and spend another few Billion years to return to this stage of evolution all over again – and then Fuck it up another time.”

Kimmie Lou extended her forks slightly and sighed “so, how many worlds have failed like this?” “701, this is round 702.” “Yeah and 666 was a doozy – everyone still has some residual heebie jeebies about that one.” “I though 666 was the Devil’s number – kind of a bad omen?” asked Kimmie Lou.” “It is – but most people don’t remember it correctly….. it is the world that ended the harshest, since that world 666 has been held to as Evil, but if you think about, the failure of all 701 worlds represent a kind of Evil – an infection that humans just can’t get over yet.” Kimmie Lou wonders, “when will they, I mean – can’t they get over it this time?” “In worlds that have almost made it there is a totally different mindset by now Kimmie Lou……for example, most road commuting is done on Dual Sport Motorcycles – requiring less infrastructure expenses for roadwork that is recognized as almost obsolete.” “You mean like KLRs like me?” “Of course Kimmie Lou…..that’s why we bought you!”

Kimmie Lou is all frisky and happy, “what other stuff is different in more evolved worlds?” “We can get to that later, for now let’s wrap up That Which Is Whole.” “Okay, so I guess it is just the Middleweights left” Yeah the Middleweights tie everything together……that stuff about lightening up – Middleweights take themselves less seriously remember?” “Yes, they are basically lightweights who have learned to get over themselves.” “Right, so what the Middleweight excels at is lightness…..not getting stuck in usual ruts (or maybe getting good and stuck sometimes). This ability to maneuver allows a broader sense of That Which Is Whole and how you – as a cell cannot ever be divided from it…..you are Indivisible from That Which Is Whole.” “You mean all these Religions claiming they hold the one true path to heaven are wrong?”asked Kimmie Lou. “Yes, they are wrong……they have, however, practiced Indivisibility to a decent extent – it’s just that most can’t relinquish the COMBINIAC structure that has got them this far…..they suggest their followers surrender to faith, but as an organization they can’t do it themselves.”

“So an Indivisible sees that they do not divide from anything……yet clearly see themselves as Individuals, all the while recognizing that their Individual cell is part of the larger (or is Indivisible from) That Which Is Whole.” “Basically the single sentence that represents the basis for most scientific thought while simultaneously representing universal dogma in advanced worlds is:

I, like everyone, am an Individual Indivisible presentation of That Which Is Whole


“So you mean that basically you Morons have been walking around in human bodies – that sort of are the blueprint for everything…….and you haven’t really caught on to how simple it is – for Billions and Billions of years!” “Yeah, more or less.” Kimmie Lou’s forks wobble like she is shuddering and giving her head a shake at the same time…….”how can that be?” “What can we say Kimmie Lou, it’s a process.”

20120928-113505.jpg Back into the Dragon, we stop at the overlook to Calderwood Dam. Kimmie Lou, “this place is crawling with Aliens…..I have never seen so many Harleys!”

Back in Robbinsville Ridicu insists we split a split as a victory celebration. Kimmie Lou scoffs, “what about you losing weight! Not only that, you know Angle will be back on.” “Probably the best Banana Splits in the universe….I say we enjoy a few more before it’s all over.” “I’m with Ridicu here, Kimmie Lou – she does do a Sinful Split.” Kimmie Lou turns into Pop and Nana’s parking lot……….”I still can’t get over this……IT’S THAT SIMPLE!”

Author: ridicuryder

Cloaked & Variable Character(s) who only make sense if read from the beginning - start at the Ride Along Reader's Guide (Nov 2012) then pick up Contraption Attachment Disorder from July 2012. RidicuRyder is a fictional adventure layered over an actual trip. Our Adventurers have strange takes on things like Lisps, Motorcycles, Montreal Steak Spice, Mental Health and The End of the World (Evolving our species just sorta happens by accident). New for 2013 - opinion pieces in between trip stories.

2 thoughts on “Dragon on Dragon Action

  1. 318 curves in 11 miles!! Wow.

    That photo on the bike – just looks so damned free, so free. Enjoyed your writing. Quite a tale. If I could find a dragon or two, might try that…

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