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Ride Along Reader’s Guide


20121127-065258.jpg We are totally ripping this off from Uma’s post “Some Things Are Just Crazy By Nature” at calculatedmess………our link button is all Zen today.

Howdy Myst,                 (Edited Version Available 2020)

Here at our 30th post we have decided to make things a little bit easier for our readers, just not too easy.

The way we see it our readers will for the most part be in 3 zones:

Zone One You will benefit most by reading this first, our decision to drop this in after 30 posts just shows what Bastards we are.

Zone Two You don’t mind struggling along with stuff in the beginning, but some where around ten (SWAT) posts in you are beginning to get annoyed, read on – you have earned it.

Zone Three You have been thinking…….these guys are nuts / have balls / regularly lose most instruction manuals and are professional fumblers of life – you get us (Skip This Post).

For simplicity’s sake I (singular) will do the rest of the Guide.

RidicuRyder is a handle I came up with for a Motorcycle Travel Blog that started in July of 2012 – I figured any serious riders would write me off as ridiculous because I mostly ride in shorts, tee shirts and sandals. The machines whizzing along in computer circuitry auto replied back: Hey Ridicu……… Suddenly I had an extra adventurer along for the ride.

Ridicu is that side of me (fictionalized as another personality) that is always getting me in shit, distracting me from completing most projects and I have exerted a tremendous amount of energy muzzling him over the years (he has squeaked out regularly regardless). The fucking crazy thing is I really like the guy……..he just gets kinda carried away (probably because I almost never let him loose) and spins up into a Maniac whenever he gets the chance (Mmmm…..Wabbit)

Kimmie Lou Rawls/Reed has initials K-L-R . The Kawasaki KLR 650 is the World’s WorkHorse mid sized motorcycle, Kawasaki even makes a diesel version of the bike for Military applications. The KLR is a “Thumper” which means a very large single cylinder is “thumping” you along. A lot of larger or faster bikes have Twin cylinders or 4 cylinder power plants – they are higher maintenance, shinier, more expensive and very cool in their own ways.

Kimmie Lou takes us places without a lot of fuss……..she can ride highways all day long at freeway speeds or tumble along gravel roads and trails because she is a Dual Sport Motorcycle (On Road / Off Road).

Having a Dual Purpose Bike with a Dual Personality Rider (at least for entertainment purposes) just snowballed and what started out as a Goofy Motorcycle Blog eventually became less Moto (Machine) and more Goof. Several Motorcycle references early on stump a lot of readers (I was focusing more on Motorcyclists as readers). We talk to each other, our Motorcycle (Kimmie Lou) and various animals and in-animates along the ride:

– Our Helmet – airbrushed Tasmanian Devil (may fetch a little money for us some day).
– Saddlebags made by Ortleib – “O” as in Righty O (right bag) and Lefty O (left bag). They carry our heavier gear down low and seem to have distinct viewpoints along political lines (bickering can be entertaining up to a point).
– Mr Fandango is our small Orange Bag sitting on the fuel tank, very sturdy and waterproof for our iPad and Smart Phone (also minor characters in our saga). We do a few typical Motorcycle Journalist things like “Gear Reviews” and “Ride Reports” Mr Fandango in a gear review early on spring boarded us beyond reason rather abruptly.
– Animals and Birds start popping up to expand the story, a Bandit Pelican steals Kimmie Lou’s Front Disc Lock (thieves can’t roll bike away) which is Orange and is therefore called L’Orange. Skunks (Albino / Odorless, but Bitchy), Geese and other creatures creep in – some with very little dialog.
– Cars like Victoria and Veronica Vette and Margarita VW Beetle make appearances early on, later we encounter the Christ Striker – shape shifting Bunny / Alpaca / Horse named Diabolical, Grey and Shadow respectively who cruise around in Billie Holiday Blue – another VW Beetle. The human characters are somewhat based on people we have encountered, let’s hope they don’t recognize themselves here.

Plagiarism is almost a theme in the Blog, I unabashedly lay down boiler plate lingo…….I haven’t seen this summer’s blockbuster “Spiderman” remake/rework because it seems Tobey Maguire still only shaves a few times a month. I’m getting warmed up, some thing original may trickle out eventually. Copywriting will be skipped for the blog, we have however, begun to rework the purchasing arrangements for the Tasmanian.

We also have an incorrect way of tagging our posts which may provide a few clues or laughs for what is going on.The story has weirded up gradually, many of you may drop out and thanks in advance for peeking in……..if you think this might be someone else’s cup of tea, send them over.

End Times, Species Evolution and Our Megalomaniac have begun taking us further and further afield in our posts, what can I say……………Ridicu’s on holiday.

Author: ridicuryder

Cloaked & Variable Character(s) who only make sense if read from the beginning - start at the Ride Along Reader's Guide (Nov 2012) then pick up Contraption Attachment Disorder from July 2012. RidicuRyder is a fictional adventure layered over an actual trip. Our Adventurers have strange takes on things like Lisps, Motorcycles, Montreal Steak Spice, Mental Health and The End of the World (Evolving our species just sorta happens by accident). New for 2013 - opinion pieces in between trip stories.

9 thoughts on “Ride Along Reader’s Guide

  1. Whooaa! you posted this a day too late for me.

    I would have belonged in Zone One, but last night I started at the beginning, and so far I’ve followed you as far as Deals Gap.
    Did you know Deals Gap was a location in the movie Two-Lane Blacktop? I’ll bet there’s been some changes since Laurie Bird roared off in to the sunset leaving James Taylor, Warren Oates and Dennis Wilson in the parking lot.

  2. Paul S,

    Thanks for sinking your teeth in. Loose associations rattle around in my head and I seldom remember the where particulars of stuff……I am pretty sure I have not seen Two Lane Blacktop but it would not surprise me to hear I have ripped off a scene verbatim………things become somewhat “blended” with Indivisibility 🙂 (and run on sentences seem charming). Will keep an eye out, and we find Warren Oates interesting also.

  3. Thanks for this bastard!
    Rebel that I am, I started with July 31, 2012 and finished it wondering how the fuck I ended up down that rabbit hole. I moved on to July 15th, 2012. Different rabbit hole, same characters…comforting, sort of. Before giving up, I told my inner rebel to simmer down and came over here. I am definitely a Zone One.
    Sexy Bitch

    • Sexy Bitch,
      The first five or six posts have a lot of motorcycle lingo, but after these ……things are more or less equally confusing for each gender. My warped mind shakes off casual readers, but I have been told (once) that all this eventually makes sense……no promises.

  4. Well. Hello there. Got here from feeling BigLizzy’s love over at BigBodyBeautiful. And this is just crackers. Think I am going to like it. x

  5. Long live Ridicu, Goof, and Dual Personality (for entertainment value) blog writers.

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