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20121205-210355.jpg Your Basic Cuddly Carnivore in Nelson, BC after an August weekend at The Western Canada Horizons Unlimited Riders Meeting in Nakusp. From here our Blog may be out of time order (we are already 3 months behind in case you haven’t noticed). We may also be posting mostly photos and less narrative. As I have been shifting a lot between We and I or Meg and M or my Individual and Our Indivisible…….the posts are becoming less blended (whatever that means). I will be doing most of this one. Kimmie Lou, Ridicu and Ryder are not retired, they are just dropping back a bit for now, they have been excellent companions and will continue being invaluable in storytelling.

Howdy Myst,                (Edited Version Available 2020)

Carl Jung said we all have the same couple of Thousand Dreams, Nietzsche said something like Nihilism is one ya gotta take for da team and what do I (The Actual I) say? ……..let’s play around a bit, Awareness is for grown ups who want to get less out of life.

Okay, okay, okay……….I’m kind of a smart ass, but how bad would it be – having me perform the Evolutionary Leap?(till around 2020 – then my retirement kicks in). Would it be fun? It’s only a trick question if you suspect I’m the devil.

I have a core……it just has squeaky bearings and half my cement hardened unevenly along my Radius (a lot of it is cracked). Do I know what I’m doing? Yes – 2/3 of the time (including My Delusional 1/3)……..I’m a fucking genius compared to your average Head – Stuck – Up – their – Ass – Expert. I also think there are gazillions of brain cells with more potential than I possess in any one of mine.

Is there any way I can convince you I embody the first few components catalyzing into God? No Fucking Way……..unless you examine me from certain distinct Angles (choose other angles and blowing me out of the water is easy).

A) I’m funny (at an acceptable level).

B) The Realization of Man is the only option I am leaving myself (Woman too if you are really stuck on this whole equality thing) otherwise there really isn’t any upside for me here…………maybe I torpedo the species – sure, but most of you haven’t noticed the autopilot “tripped” alarm as you are banging the flight attendant while snorting coke off various WMD circuitry boards.

C) It would be vastly easier to blow my brains out and let the party wander off the cliff on its own. This is the option that has offered itself to me dozens of times a day for a couple of decades and somehow I have patiently waited it out…………knowing what the last few steps are to ending it all and still looking around the next corner for better solutions builds resilience……I have plenty to go around. My frailty as a human is exquisite none the less.

D) I’m going to tell you about my Dad.

I grew up in Northern Ontario, some of it on Arctic Tidewater. My parents were innkeepers in various spots, when I was 9 years old (1974) I was “Shaped” by an event (several events happened to me through my youth and life but I’ll confine myself to one here). During the summer high season, travelers would often overwhelm the lodgings available in our small town. My father networked with friends and relatives to accommodate people………sort of prehistoric Bed and Breakfast meets being billeted into your opposing team’s houses during a Hockey Tournament in another Town.

A young couple visiting with a couple of kids arrived in a well worn Buick (maybe it was a Chrysler). I have very little understanding of how any of these arrangements worked but I do know that some days we put as many people in community homes as we checked into the motel – possibly more when rooms were pre booked by road crews or forestry workers etc. The young couple and their children were sent to stay with an aunt & uncle (I called a lot of people Aunt and Uncle……outside of the distinct family). The next morning a call came to our switchboard looking for the young father driving the Buick………his father had a stroke and was on his deathbed in Southern Ontario somewhere around 600 – 700 miles (1000 km) south.

Within an hour the young family was in our home, the kids were playing in our yard with cousins and the young mother was being doted on by my aunt and my mom. My father and the other young father were behind the front desk making arrangements by phone for a flight south out of a nearby airport (around 70 miles away – 120 km). I was sitting up at the front desk handling guests and answering the switchboard. After the flight was arranged, my father only had to make a couple of calls and a ride to the airport was arranged. Another few calls and a driver was found for the family Buick to be driven south with the young mother and her children.

In very short order someone took the young father to the airport and I recall an 18 or 19 year old boy (who had family halfway south) began driving the Buick with the mother and her children. More calls were made in the next hour while the Buick was already heading south (probably around the same time the father was boarding his flight to head home). Arrangements came together for the family to stay with people this evening and another driver would collect them for the next leg south at the boy’s families house in the afternoon, then again in the morning. I think one other driving switch happened the next day before one of their relatives met the Buick and took the young mother and her children home.

After the family left our home and calls were being made and call backs were waited for I asked about how the costs were being handled (we generally had to give travelers an estimate of what they would be charged for overnighting in someone’s home). My father almost came out of his chair at me…..YOU DON’T MAKE MONEY OFF OF SOMEONE’S TRAGEDY! I know the family was housed and fed by strangers helping them home, it would surprise me to hear that the young mother even paid for gas in the Buick. My father was well connected in the North, I suspect the flight fees may have been waived for emergency / bereavement by the airlines at my father’s suggestion, but I couldn’t really tell you any of this for sure………….I was too ashamed to ever bring it up again.

Without getting all doom and gloom it does seem obvious that several tragedies have befallen humanity and a whole rack of juicy fuckers are just waiting to toboggan down on us from the heavens (all of this biblical bullshit probably has some truth weaving through it). Do I see money as a solution – no………….can it help in the short term – yes.

Fine: A Quadrillion Bucks – it’s everyone’s money (I am an Indivisible remember) and any of you can withdraw what you feel is needed in the dire circumstances you find yourself in. Let’s all get home with a little help from the communal basket…………just don’t get caught with your hand in the cookie jar – Bank Of America………….Boa………… See what I mean.

Oh and China, forget about stringing anyone up………..just get the cash together.

Author: ridicuryder

Cloaked & Variable Character(s) who only make sense if read from the beginning - start at the Ride Along Reader's Guide (Nov 2012) then pick up Contraption Attachment Disorder from July 2012. RidicuRyder is a fictional adventure layered over an actual trip. Our Adventurers have strange takes on things like Lisps, Motorcycles, Montreal Steak Spice, Mental Health and The End of the World (Evolving our species just sorta happens by accident). New for 2013 - opinion pieces in between trip stories.

9 thoughts on “Humans/God

  1. Okay, so I understood the photo of the beautiful dog, and then I got lost. 😦

  2. Well I got the story about the stroke victim/everyone mucking in, but I sure as hell don’t know which particular personality posted this 🙂

  3. (!*$#/<?|q I think I understand that's what you said. I can't word it, but I sorta feel it.

    • Hello Writing Waters,

      Sorta feeling – kinda tingling ………then all these clumsy words (sometimes less so when read from blogs beginning. Contraption Attachment Disorder). Nice to hear from you!


  4. MAB,

    Thank you for this story. It gives me a lovely piece of the unsolveable puzzle of you.


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