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4 thoughts on “MOTOPINION

  1. KL(RR),
    Years ago, I took a four-day personal empowerment course with 80 other Individuals, at the end of which we each wrote down our vision of eutopia, a physical manifestation of our Indivisible. After we wrote it all down and discussed it among ourselves, building up excitement and fervor for each of our plans, the course leader demanded that we tear up our brilliant brainstorms and toss them away. A lesson in detachment.
    We had already gotten attached to what ‘perfection’ should look like. It is the way of the Individual.
    ‘Your’ way looks interesting. Say hi to the Antichrist for me.

    • Owl,
      It is interesting to “get it” by not getting it . . . isn’t it (unless everyone eventually gets it, that would be really FUCKing interesting).

      We all access our Antichrist differently even though they are all wonderfully rotten. Say hello to yours from us. You never have to pass greetings from yours to someone else’s though, they all think and stink alike, don’t waste your breath.

  2. KLRR, your post is dated 25th December but I only happened upon it last week.
    Did it get lost in the blogosphere or is my reader faulty?

    • Paul S,
      I got to start the post Xmas morning, but it took me a while to get the hang of the iPad. Tapping out the first few paragraphs with a side knobby off my front tire was tricky. Eventually I caught on to flicking my clutch lever just so, but I’m still pretty slow (5 or 6 weeks to publish is about my speed).

      Mega Mega! 🙂

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