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The ice cream scenario

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Ashana is a wonderful spirit coming into a larger self together with her parts after decades of living with dissociation. The beautiful language used to describe moving beyond pain is some of the most thought provoking material I have ever read.

The Daily Headache

Charlie feels I did not explain things well in my last post. He feels I ought to try again. So I am.

I want to imagine you are choosing one of those tubs of ice cream with a good friend. You must, temporarily, pretend that there are no small containers of ice cream available. You cannot get two single servings that are different. There are only the large sizes suitable for a family, and you must agree on the variety. You must also pretend with me that you and your friend each have favourite ice cream flavours that the other hates.

The decision-making tree will go differently for this scenario depending on whether you are collective or two individuals, and the best choice of action will probably be different also. There are still two basic choices about how to go about this, but they will look very different depending on…

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Author: ridicuryder

Cloaked & Variable Character(s) who only make sense if read from the beginning - start at the Ride Along Reader's Guide (Nov 2012) then pick up Contraption Attachment Disorder from July 2012. RidicuRyder is a fictional adventure layered over an actual trip. Our Adventurers have strange takes on things like Lisps, Motorcycles, Montreal Steak Spice, Mental Health and The End of the World (Evolving our species just sorta happens by accident). New for 2013 - opinion pieces in between trip stories.

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