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Flow: When we align DOing with BEing

Reading Stephanie is this little dive I make into an open feminine space. She’s a quiet homecoming. 🙂



We live in a  culture that worships doing.

The more you do, the more busy you are, the more “successful” you must be.

It’s exemplified by the question we’re asked from an early age; “What do you want to be?” Not “Who do you want to be?” or “How do you want to be?”

This is key, because we ARE before we DO.Being is primary. 

We’ve kind of forgotten that and it’s led to a whole lotta shit.

Being and Doing

BEing is a state; who you are, what is there when there is no (active) DOing. It’s the subtle vibration that is this living being (that’s you) in the silence, in the absence of doing. Being is the space between two breaths. It is the moment you wake up, before mental activity kicks in. It is the embodied aliveness of existing, in the absence of effort.


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