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Hidden Gods

William is at a glance, one hell of a writer. I just got Hidden Gods on Kindle. His trudge through everyday life while he was putting this work together could be any of our stories. His attention to detail in his travels is captivating…such varied terrain. 🙂

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a day in the life

Matt can be a little annoying in the way he makes you think at times, but the thoughts are usually rich.

The Matticus Kingdom

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The restroom smelled of acrid decay, mostly emanating from the pools in the corner, and I instinctively stopped at the sink to wash my hands.  I could feel the stink of the place on my flesh.  When I looked up, the wizard in the mirror said, “The trick is to believe you are where you want to be.”  I blinked and he was gone.

I long blinked again and then held my tired lids closed and imagined the smell of sea spray filling my nose while the crash and roar of the tides echoed in the distance.  I wasn’t surprised to find myself in the same dingy bathroom when I opened my eyes.  I could see where I wanted to be.  I could hear it and smell it.  However, I never truly believed I was there.

The level of faith and trust required to truly believe in…

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