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Easy Going

20121213-055250.jpg Kimmie Lou, “I don’t mind kicking Giant Alligator Ass or Whatever, but this 9,600 mile (12,000 Km) Land Devil’s Triangle Run has sorta drained da battery…….if you know what I mean.”

Howdy Myst,                 (Edited Version Available 2020)

Ridicu would like to make it clear from the outset of this post……..“We Are Not Being Reasonable.”

Our band of merry travelers has developed a somewhat easy going nature – beginning to evolve mellows you out somehow………..and 7 characters riding Kimmie Lou for a few months have learned to get along (sheer necessity). Some family and friends reading the blog have begun to wonder if now might be a good time to have an “intermission” for the Blog, with the holidays and everything.

Taking a break from further posting for a wee bit may also allow our current readers a chance to review old posts…..who knows, perhaps a little “Da vinci Code” thing might happen. For those of you new to our blog, we must urge you to begin with our Ride Along Reader’s Guide at post #30, then start our story at the beginning with Contraption Attachment Disorder – our first post in July. Our story (so far) will take you a few hours to read and you will probably need to do it in a few sittings. A suggestion to reformat the text and spread out the dialog is being considered, but for now we will continue to make it tough on all of you (builds character).

Our friends in China and other associated World Polluters may be wondering ” what about us…….do we still have to pay the Quadrillion dollar fine for littering?” Yes, you do. We are willing to relax the deadline somewhat……..shall we say the Ides of March? Do proceed with your withdrawal from Tibet……….get in the Christmas spirit – give a little.