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20121114-194013.jpg Our stop in St Louis has confirmed what we have always suspected about the Plains……….Aliens are beaming in here. We watched a couple land with a flash onto the Arch then tracked them to a nearby power station. The St Louis Arch is a Monument, Attraction & Gateway……. does it signify a Million things to different beings? Yes, and then some. People argue about it even being an Arch……..perhaps it has been a huge boondoggle, another weak attempt by humans to erect a stairway to heaven. We admire it for it’s precise imprecision, for knowing exactly where it stands yet doing whatever the fuck it feels like doing. Archie You Big Beautiful Crooked Bastard.

Howdy Myst,                 (Edited Version Available 2020)

Frank and Hank roared off ahead of us this morning headed for Denver, we had a good time hanging with them and their friends. Hank was kinda reflective as we were loading the gear, we could see his wheels turning. The twinkle frequency in his eyes has changed……..he will wake up to his Indivisibility soon, he may or may not let Frank in on it. They seem to have a nice life going on this round, Hank may let Frank remain oblivious to the big picture……knowing is usually harder. Kimmie Lou is happy to be on our own “I don’t like being pushed by other riders and machines………we seem to get in enough shit all by ourselves!”

The ride to St Louis is unremarkable until we get close and notice the Thrum, it isn’t constant here like in St Petersburg or Atlanta. Kimmie Lou keeps reminding us to check our mirrors for Truckers. We exit downtown and spot the landings on Archie. Aliens! They ricochet a distance……..we listen for what direction the Thrum is coming from. Remember when we thought it might be a faulty transformer in St Pete’s……..the sound had sort of an energy about it?

20121115-061541.jpg This Creepy Old Power Building on the riverfront would totally work in a Tim Burton film and is coincidentally where Aliens are processed on arrival in America. We decided not to get too close as those Alien Cyclists were watching us. When Aliens aren’t riding Harley’s they usually get around by pedaling…….it helps them burn off energy in lieu of killing everyone they lay eyes on.

“Aliens come in pretty fast…….hitting power objects softens their landing, don’t ask me how they do it.” “How do they do it?” asks Kimmie Lou. When Ridicu says “don’t ask me” he is actually begging to be asked – Kimmie Lou has figured this out. Ridicu carries on for a couple a minutes describing something that sounds pretty physicsy, blended with some far fetched Ridicu angle……..it all winds up sounding sensible in an Absurdly Simple kind of way. Kimmie Lou has also learned not to challenge any of Ridicu’s explanations, even when he talks about Motorcycles, she just nods and says “huh, I never thought of it that way.”

We Kick around the City some before continuing West (Yes, Yes, We Know All This Capitalizing Is A Disease). “Geez, now that we are west of the Mississippi I sorta feel like shooting someone…….what kind of waiting period does Missouri have for handgun purchases?” Kimmie Lou pumps hard on her front brake, the Tasmanian’s chin thumps onto our chest, “you Morons have a perfectly good slingshot buried in all that gear across my back and you haven’t used it once…….don’t even think about heavier weapons purchasing unless you’re going to blow your brains out!” A block drifts by in silence then she adds “sorry.” In recounting old worlds we have discussed various fine dining options for different calibers. Our favorite is the over and under 12 gauge where the upper barrel has birdshot, but just in case that doesn’t do the job the lower one has a great big slug to punch out the brain stem or at least massively sever one hemisphere’s blood supply……it’s nice to have the back up in case something slips.

20121117-152718.jpg Righty O (our right Ortlieb saddlebag) insisted on getting his picture taken in front of Right Field at Busch Stadium. Kimmie Lou “I don’t care if you are a Slingshot Toting Republican Righty O……..we are all carrying baggage.”

“How many Aliens have arrived already?” asks Kimmie Lou. “It’s hard to say, but they have been among us for Centuries and breed like Bunnies so it is entirely possible they already outnumber us.” “The thing about this whole End of the World thing is that speculating the how and why can spin you down into a great big pit of agony. Getting all twisted up about it is natural, but everyone should maintain some humor about it all. Maybe we don’t evolve in this world or the next, but eventually we figure it out.” “How do you know?” asks Kimmie Lou. “Think of it this way Kimmie Lou: Time is only really handy for measuring Goals………and Goals are only useful for those who have forgotten that they already have (or are a part of) Everything.”