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Fun The Mental: Revised And Completed (Finally)



Howdy Myst,                 (Edited Version Available 2020)

As many of you know, the Fun The Mental post was accidentally published when only partially completed. For the past few weeks I have had the last section out for tweaking and adjustments…..kind of a “knife at my throat” editing, it probably would not have taken its current form without my compulsion by design need to twist things around while it hung to dry. Go on back to the original post to see the final version (you are not getting a link – it is the post just before this one :)). It may never feel finished for me, but this seems where it should be…..more or less.

I do a lot of things the hard way…..my therapist isn’t happy about it. Apologies to any of you who happened to look in on the rougher sections these past few weeks. If anyone would like to hear a podcast where I talk with Michelle from Steadily Skipping Stones go here:


We talk about how RidicuRyder began, my Bipolar disease and coming to a place in life where reshaping certain realities becomes necessary.

A lot of RidicuRyder ventures beyond sanity…..it is disturbing in spots, but I look at it this way……any of you entering a building with a claustrophobic friend would understand that they would be avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs to the floor you were headed for. Perhaps you decide to get a little exercise and take the stairs with them or you might feel lazy and just hop the elevator. Your destination is agreed upon, it’s just that at least one of you is getting there in an alternate fashion.

I generally take the elevator and I don’t mind being squeezed into tight spots at times, but I do feel confined by our species in its present form. I understand there are all sorts of rational reasons I shouldn’t be…….but I am. So I am out at the edge of various floor plans seeking steps elsewhere, sorry if it isn’t pretty…..I know it can be hard to watch. I am the guy teetering out on the periphery…..what can I say?

Several friends and family accept my goof (at least they tell me they do). Thanks to everyone for understanding and especially the few that helped with this post…..you know who you are 🙂