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Straddling Worlds…….Evolutionary Balls

20121227-094132.jpg Idaho – Kimmie Lou, isn’t December 21st, 2012 just a line we all cross from one world into the next world?

Howdy Myst,                 (Edited Version Available 2020)

Our intermission is over…….Happy New Age! RidicuRyder is back taking the lead role in evolving our species…….it would be really nice if the rest of you could catch the fuck up. Cracked up Morons leading the charge into a new consciousness will only take you beyond reason and sanity so far…..then you are on your own. There are millions of people more “evolved” than RidicuRyder……we just have bigger balls.

Most people directing events for our planet’s future are presently cocooned away in their own privileged little spheres. In the old days Kings, Queens and Knights rode out at the heads of armies…….they lead by example and took peace seriously. Today we have bullshit politicians who are little more than puppets and masses of people content to participate in the various charades when it serves their interests. For example: the president of the united (wildly ununited) states……the guy is a total pussy (like all of his predecessors). What happens when politicians and the private interests that control them cannot walk freely in the world……without a small army of bodyguards? Lying happens. Look around – this whole fucking shit show is a sham.

Truth then……how about some truth. For starters try this: I, Like Everyone Am An Individual Indivisible Presentation Of That Which Is Whole. When enough people say this over and over again and it is known, then men and women will begin stepping away from deceit and towards the realization of our species (in case any of you are interested in evolution). The idea that a few “important people” need to be protected (and are therefore allowed to do wildly stupid things) is idiotic. We are all IMPORTANT, all that we need to protect us is truth. Truth is all the protection we need, if you would all like to keep living lies….the world can be as small, divided and restricted as you would like to make it.

To keep things varied we will continue telling you of our travels from the summer of 2012 in the Old World. Before our travel section we will also discuss things of our present New Age…..the way we would like to see them, we may start alternating travel posts with opinion pieces…..it’s hard to say. RidicuRyder – Straddling Worlds, c’mon……we are the evolutionary link for humanity catalyzing into That Which Is Whole, would you expect anything less?

Da Megalomaniacs won’t make every post…….they leave you wanting more don’t they? Our whatever the fuck we feel like doing ethic has taken over certain aspects of the Blog. We will continue to post out of trip sequence (sometimes) from different worlds with poor grammar, limited punctuation and confusion or as we like to think of it…….shit you don’t understand because you are not evolved at our level (we are experiencing some ego slippage in this post……please buckle yours down). Start from Ride Along Reader’s Guide in November, 2012 for a primer to our story – then begin at the beginning……in a couple of hours you can basically achieve 17 7/8% of your evolutionary leap.

Below we are pasting in (without permission) what is an acceptable representation for The End Of The World……….also, these guys call themselves Global Research so that has to count for something.

Mayan Prophesy: Prepare Yourself for the “End of the World” at Global Research

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, December 20, 2012
Url of this article:
Since September 2001, Global Research has been bringing our readers a broad spectrum of voices analyzing global situations, from a coverage of the US NATO wars to the economic machinations of the financial elite.

And we will continue to do so because we believe that access to information is the key to the truth.

Unfortunately, due to the upcoming “End of the World”, we herewith advise our readers that we will be closing down the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) at the end of the Mayan Calendar, midnight 12.00, Central Mexican time.

If you trust the independent Media and believe in the Mayan Prophecy, it is not too late to make a last minute donation to Global Research.

Please, however, do not send us post-dated checks. No refunds after midnight.

Online donations before the “End of the World” hits the Western hemisphere would be much appreciated

If you prefer fact over fiction, do not trust the independent media, go to the Washington Post or the New York Times.


The End of the World concept is a falsehood and misinterpretation of Mayan thought

Ricardo Cajas – president of the Colectivo de Organizaciones Indígenas de Guatemala – said the date did not represent an end of humanity or fulfillment of the catastrophic prophecies, but that the new cycle “supposes changes in human consciousness.” (Translation). (quoted by Washington’s Blog)

What is at stake is a renewal, the unfolding of a new era.

Pedro Celestino Yac Noj – a Mayan sage living in Cuba – says:

The 21st is for giving thanks and gratitude and the 22nd welcomes the new cycle, a new dawn.

Rather than being the end of the world,

For the Mayans, December 21, 2012 marks the beginning of a new long cycle.

Help us develop in the course of the next cycle of the Mayan calendar.

If this message reaches you after the “End of the World” has formally commenced, your donation will contribute to the spirit of the Mayan renewal, which is characterized by “a transition to a better time for humankind.”

For Truth in Media,

Our best wishes to all our readers, for Christmas and the holiday season,

for Peace, Democracy and Livelihood in the New Year

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, Montreal, December 20, 2012

Scroll down for more options. Your support us much appreciated.

While we are not facing an imminent “End of the World” scenario, the World is nonetheless at the juncture of the most serious economic and social crisis in modern history. The outbreak of a full fledged war against Syria and Iran could potentially lead humanity into a Third World War scenario.

The US possesses an impressive arsenal of weapons which it is being used to threaten the World.

An Orwellian police state has emerged, with spying and eves-dropping implemented at a global level.

Big Brother is instated at the height of the electronic age, with sophisticated data banks and surveillance techniques, operating Worldwide.



Copyright © 2012 Global Research (relaxed for Indivisibles).

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Privacy Policy:

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GLOBAL RESEARCH | PO Box 55019 | 11 Notre-Dame Ouest | Montreal | QC | H2Y 4A7 | Canada

RidicuRyder is not endorsing Global Research…….we just think they are a good alternative for the mainstream bobble headed corporate media drones masquerading as journalists. Any day now we are expecting Walter Cronkite to pop up out of the dirt holding Uzis with endless magazines in each hand. He will be roaming the earth’s newsrooms blasting a lot of assholes to bits.

We aren’t quite Cuddly New Agers.


Christ Striker

20121008-212722.jpg Townsend Tennessee, Hey, nice rack!” “Gosh! Thanks, I think yours is swell too…..umm, how did you get that big scratch on your nose?”

Howdy Myst,                 (Edited Version Available 2020)

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park…..at last, but wait a minute we have just heard a Camp Story that will cross crease everybody’s ass cheeks! Billie Holiday Blue has been telling us of a collision with Christ (Dude carrying a cross) in the Park yesterday. “Yeah, apparently this poor old fella, on some kinda pilgrimage, didn’t have a backcountry permit…..so the Rangers kicked him out.” “Oh sweet Jesus…..you mean a National Park Ranger decided someone reenacting the Messiah’s march needed a backcountry permit?” “That’s what he said, yep” “So this old dude, carrying a cross and walking down the side of the road…….”

The restaurant door opens and here comes these three Camper / Outdoorsy Chicks……beauties, but straightforward about it (no dazzle, no razzle). “Howdy miss, howdy miss and howdy…..” “Mom” said the older sisterish one. “Really?” Head tilts to side “Mom?” The thing about Ridicu – Moms love him, but not this one. Maybe it’s the way we are all so close to Billie Holiday Blue, (people can get prickly if they think you are messing with their Bugs) they just stare at us for a couple a seconds more then, “they’ve been talking to the VW!” We scan the three as the words are spoken – nobody’s lips are moving……ventriloquist ? Telepathy ? Then we notice the youngest lady is holding a pet carrier and inside is the whitest, most fluffy bunny we have ever seen, but it’s the hateful look in his eyes that are his most striking feature.

“Billie Blue, tell Momma true” said the Mom. Billie knows she has been caught “I had to get it off my chest, Kimmie Lou here saw it written all over my face – it isn’t just a scratch or a dent……it’s Stigmata!” The Bunny is clearly annoyed, his expression sours, “hey, I recognize these guys…..they set up by the group area last night!” Momma’s eyes narrow, “are you camping at Cades Cove Campground too?” We talk, it turns out we are camped a few hundred feet from the girls, introductions are made – Momma is Campfire Cuisinator (apparently she only cooks outdoors). The Lone Lunch Ranger has this OCD thing where she has to order last at Restaurants and then get something completely different from everyone else. Spoof is holding the bunny cage, half of the stuff in Spoof’s back-pack is hair styling gear (how did she get the bunny that white and fluffy?). The Lone Lunch Ranger and Spoof refer to the bunny as Bunny D……when we ask what the “D” stands for it is Campfire Cuisinator’s turn “he is Diabolical – it’s not entirely his fault though.”

Everyone looks down for a few seconds, there is a palpable rage coming off this little creature in the cage, but when he speaks, he is matter of fact. “I Shape-Shift between this body, an Alpaca and a Horse” says Diabolical “imagine all the nervous energy of a Horse……when I go Bunny, it gets crammed into a very small package – out comes some pretty ugly emotions.” Diabolical isn’t making apologies, he is just owning up to being horrible at his most compact – he’s kind of refreshing, probably an old soul who’s just having a stretch of delinquency at times. “We have dabbled in a little Megalomania here and there…….putting yourself in charge of everything can be a bit of a pressure cooker too.” “Well that settles it” says Campfire Cuisinator, “I make a Kick Ass Megalomaniac Macaroni – how about dinner at eight?”

We finish running some errands around Townsend, including scoring some Fudge for dessert (the girls tell us not to bother because they are making ice cream tonight – yeah right). Back inside the park we decide to run Cades Loop before getting back to the Campground…..probably the most picturesque afternoon on the whole trip and of course the Samsung Galaxy 3’s battery has faded. Just before the campground we spot Lone Lunch Ranger riding a handsome Black and White Paint Horse (Diabolical?). We pull out and wave them over.

The Horse is named Shadow……he’s the Bunny, just all mellowed out, “hey guys, hi Kimmie Lou.” Lone Lunch Ranger stretches back in the saddle “howdy folks…..say, back there at the diner – you didn’t think Campfire Cuisinator could be my Mom right.” Ridicu opened this can of worms, but as usual, he is silent when things get sticky, “she does look too young to have teenage daughters.” Lone Lunch Ranger dismounts, “Spoof is her daughter, they adopted me five years ago…..I’m an Orphan, I’ve lived in sixteen Foster homes until I was 14.”

Kimmie Lou’s side stand kicks out – she is telling us this Kid needs to talk. “Spoof just turned 15, Campfire is 29…….I met Spoof at a Summer Horse Camp, we hit it off right away.” Shadow’s reins get wrapped around Kimmie Lou’s handlebar, we all sit on a bench 3 feet away, “we are Adoptees too – kinda lucky though……just one Foster home, then Adopted at 8 months.” Ridicu and Lone Lunch Ranger then go on and on about being Adoptees – it was kinda nauseating, finally Kimmie Lou interrupted, “But everybody’s Indivisible……go on tell her……about That Which Is Whole.”

We lay everything out, Lone Lunch Ranger grasps the concept right away, she’s a pretty sharp kid, “how do you guys know that this isn’t just something you have made up to combat your isolation and despair?” Mmmmm, we hadn’t thought of that………”ah….well…..” Kimmie Lou chimes in again, “the Aliens – tell her about the Aliens and the End of the World!” So in another 10 or 15 minutes we have her completely up to speed. Shadow even senses the truth we speak, “TWIW cannot be accessed by a single being or singular theology……..that’s why I hit him.” Everybody looks at Shadow, Kimmie Lou asks “hit who?” Shadow tilts his head, “yesterday, in the car – as Diabolical…….I grabbed the wheel, I hit Christ.”

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Cherohala Skyway

20120929-214839.jpg Haw Knob – just below the Mile High point on the Cherohala…..so misty on the morning we rode – the fog almost had us in the higher elevations. Just when we thought we were in the clear……yikes!

Howdy Myst,                (Edited Version Available 2020)

We woke earlier than usual…..doom was wrestling us out of bed. During our wake-up morning pee, “you know how running water can stimulate urination?” Yawning, “yeah.” “Well, our tinkling just made me think of 40 days of rain.” Flush…..”now that cha mention it I did notice this kinda Niagara echo wit da wiz (pretty lazy enunciation first thing). “Waddaya say we check outta the beehive a couple a days early…..ya know – hit da road before it hits us?”

Ridicu’s paranoia could be a pain in the ass at times, but this morning he was dialed in to a terrible, slimy, suffocating weasel…..just about to stuff itself down our throats, “Sure, let’s cut out today – time for a change of scenery anyway.” We had Kimmie Lou packed up in record time, she sensed our urgency, “you boys wanna tell Kimmie Lou what’s got you so spooked?” “A creep show aggressor is always sharpening knives just out of your peripheral vision…..we just got a peek at him.” Kimmie Lou wasn’t used to us strapping everything down so tightly – so roughly “is it that Albino Midget dude?” We started her up “Nah…..not Whitey, whoever it is will either be killing us by lunchtime or kicking back and taking it easy because they succeeded in moving us along.”

We had to stop in at Pop and Nana’s to say goodbye to the crew and hammer back one more Baloney, Egg and Tomato on Texas Toast Extravaganza. “Angle will be sorry she missed you, she’s not in till the afternoon shift today.” “We got her email…..we’ll send her an update and a few pics from the road.” “Alrighty then, just take it extra easy out there today – that fog is pretty thick.”

The Cherohala Skyway runs West of Robbinsville and into Tellico Plains Tennessee, it is normally very scenic as the long sweeping curves round beautiful mountains. Near the mile high point we almost got strangled by the fog – Kimmie Lou’s new Rallye Windshield kit allowed us to duck down behind it and avoid the noose. At Haw Knob we stopped for another pee and met Camilla Copperhead, when she slithered over, our pee stream snapped off like an icicle, we were about to hop back over the stone wall when she said, “relax boys, finish your business – most snakes won’t bite old, fat, balding bikers.” “Really, why not! You know Ridicu’s thing with Death right? He was basically insulted that this snake wasn’t biting us.

Somehow our flow opened back up (involuntary nerves) and we almost showered Camilla. Anyone’s guess as to whether it was me pissing myself – that Ridicu was challenging the snake to bite us or it was Ridicu egging her on by pissing at her. Whatever was going on, she didn’t flinch – just slowly moved up the grass and coiled beside our right leg ” does your urine always sound so ominous?” “Not usually, no…..it’s been a bit of a gloomy morning.” Camilla blinked slowly (weird…..we thought snakes didn’t have eyelids) “got a peek at him huh?” “Yeah, but we’re sensing he’s happy we’re moving.” “Either that or you’ll be dead by lunchtime,” said Camilla snickering.

Kimmie Lou piped up “is that a snake I hear laughing back there?” “Yep, Camilla Copperhead meet Kimmie Lou Rawls/Reed” “Howdy miss” said Camilla. Just then we heard a Harley downshifting, it was coming out of the fog behind us. The Midnight Blue FLH descended off the curve and pulled up right beside Kimmie Lou. “Thought I’d catch you up here with your pants down,” said Angle as she pulled off her Midnight Blue Helmet. We zipped our fly as Angle and Camilla started yakking away in Parseltongue (you know – snake language, right out of Harry Potter). The thing about Aliens is, they share quite a bit of their DNA with Reptiles – kinda like Apes and Humans.

“Well it was nice meeting everyone, enjoy your afternoon” said Camilla as she slithered away. “Happy Trails Camilla” yelled Kimmie Lou (which drowned out our adios). “That snake wouldn’t bite us for some reason.” Angle chuckled, “you old, fat, balding bikers taste right in between rancid beef jerky and chain lube…..We only eat guys like you whenever we lose a bet, otherwise it’s better to vaporize you. “YOU’RE NOT HURTING RIDICURYDER” growled Kimmie Lou. “Easy there sister,”Angle patted Kimmie Lou’s tank a few times, “I’m not here to hurt anybody.”

We climbed aboard Kimmie Lou and she settled down some. Our leg was almost touching Angle’s – she had parked that close “How do you like my Harley?” “Looks pretty spiffy…..hey what is it about you – you’re different from other Aliens?” Angle’s demeanor softened “I’m half Human.” That beaming smile again, her voice was gentler…..smoother. “I’m half Human too!” declared Kimmie Lou. Angle’s laugh was melodious, she laid her hand on Kimmie Lou’s tank. We sat stunned for a stretch…..a Half Human Alien? “So you’re Spock?” Angle laughed some more “except my name is easily pronounceable.”

She started up her Harley, “you never asked me which world I was betting on.” We could barely hear over the Harley’s warble…..and there it was again, almost undetectable – that thrum. “909?” We guessed. “Nope, this one right here – 702.” Then she reached out and patted our shoulder, her hand drifted down to caress Kimmie Lou’s tank, “See ya!” We waved and Kimmie Lou came up on her forks as Angle roared off the pullout and back towards Robbinsville. We looked down at the trip odometer – 10 7/8.

About five miles before Tellico Plains we hang a left towards Bald River Falls, it is a gorgeous ride South for around 6 miles snaking along the Tellico River.

20121001-084653.jpg Kimmie Lou, ” Tennessee sure is pretty, but the Devils triangle makes sort of a squiggle through this state.”

“Are Aliens Indivisibles too?” asks Kimmie Lou. “Yeah, everyone is an indivisible….remember.”

I Am, Like EVERYONE, An Individual Indivisible Presentation Of That Which Is Whole.

Kimmie Lou says, “I think I am starting to get it…..That Which Is Whole, Individuals and Indivisibles – Thirds right?” We climb back on Kimmie Lou, “more or less – yeah, but proportions aren’t as important as balance.” “Individuals and Indivisibles in good balance encounter That Which Is Whole in a good way…..poorly balanced Individuals and Indivisibles encounter That Which Is Whole in a bad way.” “Oh,” said Kimmie Lou, “so this world…..not very well balanced huh?” We start back towards the Cherohala, “so far people are about a million times more likely to advance their individual or distinct group…..most are not even aware that they and everyone else are Indivisible from That Which Is Whole.” “A lot of folks will begin to understand their Indivisibility soon though.” “In a bad way?” asked Kimmie Lou. “bad enough…..the tricky part is – what is just the right amount of bad to get everyone interested in balancing for good.”